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The Ankole/Watusi can be traced back to ancient Egypt when they were kept by the Pharoahs and is therefore an ancient cattle breed. The Ankole/Watusi has been exposed to natural selection for thousands of years in the African bush, therefore they are hardy, fertile cattle which can withstand the African extremes. Bulls are for sale.

DT 06-2 Mature Bull

Cow at 3 years

Cow at 5 years

Young Bull

DT 03-2 Ankole/Watusi Bull at 3 years and 5 months

Ankole/Watusi Cows

Ankole/Watusi Cow with calf

DT 99-2 Ankole/Watusi Cow

DT 99-4 Ankole/Watusi Cow

Ankole/Watusi Calves

Ankole/Watusi Cows