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The Rensbou Romagnola stud is the largest herd in South Africa. Romagnola bulls are used on commercial cows to produce offspring with high weaning weights and weaners with exceptional growth in the feedlot. Some bullcalves have reached a weight of 500 kg at the age of 10 months in the feedlot. Commercial farmers can still use their cows that are adapted to their environment and get a higher weight on their calves by using Romagnola bulls. Bulls, heifers, semen and embryos are for sale.

DT 04-8 at 3 years and 6 months

Cow with 7 month old calf

Romagnola Cows


2 Year old bulls

Calves are this colour when young

Cows have small teats

Three year old cow

Group of Romagnola cows

DT 04-8 with cow

Romagnola calf at 7 months - 345kg